Paleolithic vs. Neolithic

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ESSAY There are many differences the Paleolithic and the Neolithic ages have. For instance their housing, means of living, and technology. The Paleolithic had camp sites, caves, and huts for their housing. Also their means of living were hunting and gathering. Their technology was having hunting and gathering tools made out of chipped stone, wood, or bone. For the gathering part of their lives they specialized in basketry. The Neolithic, however, had houses of mud …

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…first used by human, and ended with the close of the last ice age about 13,000 BC. Neolithic or New Stone Age Stone tools became highly polished and varied. By 6000 BC pottery appeared in the ancient Middle East, and copper was used for the first time in some regions. In other regions, the Neolithic arrived much later. In conclusion there were some similarities between the two ages but there were a lot more differences. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**