Paganism, Say Hello to Christianity (and essay about Beowulf)

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The epic poem of Beowulf blends aspects of the pagan world - such as the belief in fate and the importance of being remembered - with aspect from the Christian world. The author writes about the values of the pagan world, while, at the same time, portraying Christian morality through his characters. The epic of Beowulf reflects both the Christian world and the pagan world. Much like the more familiar stories of King Arthur, Beowulf …

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…writing of Beowulf, Christianity had already established itself as the main religion of the area, but there was still a strong influence from paganism. Beowulf is, therefore, not only the story of a hero, and his adventures, but it is a story of two converging worlds: The Christian world, and the world of the pagan. *Beowulf does cause Grendel's death by tearing his arm off, but Grendel bleeds to death. Beowulf does not kill him.