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<Tab/>Owls are very interesting animals. In religion and folklore, they represent symbols such as helpfulness, witches, darkness, medicine, and luck. They were also a symbol of prophecy. Many people know that the owl is associated with the Greek Goddess Athena, and it represents wisdom. Soon after the Greek Empire died out, the owl became associated with darkness, loneliness, and even foolishness. At those times, when people saw and heard the …

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…and its young are quick to learn that the animal world is a survival of the fittest. Despite the owl's, what seems apathetic, nature, it is also very, extremely protective over its next and its young. The owl's unique digestive system contains of two stomachs, which is abundant in most birds, and a very practical pellet system. This way, an owl can eat its prey with ease of getting rid of all the indigestible parts.