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It’s a dark, cold, rainy night. The wind chill can be compared to that of Arctic wastelands, only the rain won’t freeze and disappear upon contact to your skin, instead the freezing cold ice-rain pierces your flesh like a million needles. The cold doesn’t subdue. A dark, small, shadowy object can be seen scurrying across the unlit streets. This dreary atmosphere does Hell’s Kitchen in the New York ghetto no justice. …

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…desperation, Little Billy delivers a sharp piercing blow with a swift kick to places where men don’t want to be kicked. Jim clutches himself. Jim falls. Little Billy runs into the mist, never to be seen again. And with his last ounce of strength, Jim reaches one arm up, extends his hand, and screams, “I NEVER GOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT CHINA’S ONE CHILD POLICY!! ONE CHILD POLICY, I SAY!! ONE…. CHILD…. POLICY!!”