Outline for Dalton and his work in Chem(outline only).

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Life *Born a Quaker, in September 6th, 1766 Eaglesfield, England *Began teaching at the age of twelve *Was a teacher/chemist/physicist *Died in Manchester England July 27, 1844 Achievements *President of Philosophical Society *Winner of Gold Medal from the Royal Society *Cofounder of the British association for the advancement of science *Dalton's Atomic Theory, Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures *Dalton's law of partial pressure is defined as the total pressure of a mixture of gases is equal …

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…observer of the weather every day for 46 years and discovered colorblindness *Was not very good at experimenting, but made is way around the lab *He was also poor *Son of a weaver Conclusion *Dalton was cool guy *His atomic theory is now the basis for the modern atomic theory *He was not only a chemist, but did other scientific things as well *He basically just put research about the atom together and formed a theory