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In the play Othello, the villan Iago forms a plan to cause the downfall of Leutenet Michael Cassio and the Moor Othello. Each of these characters has vulnerabilities and traits that make them ripe for Iago's plan of destruction. Iago finds these weakness and uses them to his advantage The character of Michael Cassio is easily manipulated. He is very involved with his work as lieutenant in Othello's army. He also continues to see the …

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…all rules of nature, and must be driven to find out practices of cunning hell why this should be. I therefore vouch again that will some mixtures powerful o'er the blood, or with some dram conjured to this effect, he wrought upon her." He is very conscious and involved with his image. This constant comparison to other men, who are nothing like him, creates a greater insecurity within himself. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Othello by William Shakesphere