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Orion "Down fell the red skin of the lion Into the river at his feet. His mighty club no longer beat The forehead of the bull; but he Reeled as of yore beside the sea, When blinded by Oenopion He sought the blacksmith at his forge, And climbing up the narrow gorge, Fixed his blank eyes upon the sun." ~The "Occultation of Orion" by Mr. Longfellow~ This poem was written about the Greek myth of …

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…the sword area is the Orion Nebula. Orion is located in the celestial equator and Orion's outstretched upper arm is located in the Milky Way. Orion is followed by two hunting dogs at his right. One of these, Canis Major, contains the brightest star in the sky. This star, Sirius, is located just where the dog's neck meets his body. Sirius should help you find Orion, and Orion is also shooting at Taurus the Bull.