Online Continuing Education: This is a brief analysis of online continuing education for nurses and presents how some employers are supporting online education for professional staff

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Online Continuing Education "Quality patient care hinges on educated, compassionate, and skilled nurses. It also depends on nurses who maintain or increase their competence levels through continuing education and in-service activities" (McConnell, 2000 p. 40). The nursing shortage, dwindling funds for employee support of continuing education, individual time constraints, work and family priorities has lead nurses and employers to tap into the growing industry of online continuing education courses. It is nurses's responsibility to maintain their licensure …

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…At present, the education department has implemented a pilot program for brief instruction on topics such as hand washing universal precautions and prevention of back injury. These are short two - three page text with posttest assessment. Staff can access the course at work or at home. Only time will tell how the staff will receive this online program and the success will depend on the enthusiasm of administrators, educators and most importantly the employees.