"Once There Was a Child" I tried to communicate to my audience with a significant moral. A moral, which all children I think ought to observe.

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At least once, in one's life one hears about situations of children not heeding their parents, and how, as a result, bad things happened to them. The story, which you are about the read, is about a boy, who did not heed his father's advice. One day, the boy went to school and never returned home. I hope that by the time you finish reading the story you will agree that it is imperative to …

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…not sleep thinking about the tree, and the voice that sounded so similar to his son's voice. The next day he decided to dig out the tree again, he pulled, and pulled, and finally he was able to remove the tree. The father was expecting the tree to say something, but nothing came out of the tree. The father at that moment started digging again, and found an old shoe that belonged to his son.