Olimpic Games

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Introduction No one can say when sports began. Since it is difficult to imagine a time when children did not spontaneously run races or wrestle, it is clear that children have always included sports in their play, but one can only speculate about the emergence of sports as autotelic physical contests for adults. Some historians see modern sport as distinctive in its secularism and its concern with quantification and records, but others see ancient and …

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…of life from the education and to the architecture and poetry. Even that the Olympic Games have loosen their religious meaning, they have continue to play important role in our modern life. Bibliography 1. L. Vinnichuk "People and customs of ancient Greece and Rome" Moscow 1988. 2. J.Hersmith, "HISTORY TODAY", December 1997, pp 35-41 3. N.Dowin Jr , "Ancient Rome", Archeology magazine, July/August 1996, pp. 26-37. 4. Encyclopedia BRITANNICA. 5. Encarta the Encyclopedia. 6. wxk116@psu.edu (History forum in the internet)