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Compare and Contrast Lenny from Mice and Men to Mr. Helton in Noon Wine. Lenny and Mr. Helton had a considerable amount in common. Both characters were misunderstood by the society around them. Despite being hard workers, Lenny and Mr. Helton both had their weaknesses and faults. Mr. Helton was a perfectionist. He demonstrated advanced working skills that past workers on the Thompson farm had lacked. Lenny, had the muscles and build for hard work, …

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…Hatch was willing to use force. Lenny accidentally "petted" a woman too hard. His fellow farmhands had turned against him and were hunting him. They wanted him dead. These two characters showed unique qualities that not just everyone possesses. Lenny had the innocence of a child and Mr. Helton had the independent work ethic that everyone desires. These two characters were misunderstood and hated because they were different. In the end, unique was ruled out.