Oedipus and Antigone

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Oedipus and Antigone Sophocles’ plays Oedipus and Antigone have many parallel themes and conflicts. Certain characters and events are mirrored and go through similar sequences in both plays. One conflict that is prevalent in both plays is the idea of loyalty. In Oedipus, many are loyal to Oedipus, including the city of Thebes itself. In Antigone, there is much strife in the relationships as well, and the idea of loyalty arises. In the play Antigone, …

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…it is their intent to do whatever is necessary to support them or it. This principle has been evident in the plays of Oedipus and Antigone. They are similar in many respects, having ideas rolled into the plots such as loyalty, by Sophocles. Whether it is the loyalty of the city of Thebes to Oedipus, or the early brown-nosing relationship between Haimon and Creon, the idea of fealty is the same for all of them.