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Matt Wardell AP Enlgish IV 2nd Period Even September 8th, 2000 It hurts to know Knowledge is a great weapon used by society for help, comfort, and most importantly advancement of the human race. Unfortunately, knowledge is often accompanied by sorrow and grief. In the Greek tragedy Oedipus Rex Sophocles shows how Oedipus’s thirst for the knowledge of his past leads to his own demise. Knowledge is not just given to the characters in the …

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…must be accompianed by sorrow. We think that we "must know it all"(1168) no matter the consequence’s be. Every gain of knowledge in Oedipus has a direct consequence, such the queens moment of recognition and her killing her self. Sophocles shows us that if we are going to advance in life and in society then we must learn to live ith the marrige of knowledge and sorrow, which in it self is quite sorrowful.