OJ and why he was guilty

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O.J.         This paper attempts to prove that O.J. Simpson is guilty by giving evidence from both sides, and statements made by witnesses.         On June 12, 1994, two people were brutally killed. Those two people were Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Nicole was O.J. Simpson's ex-wife. O.J. was arrested the next day and charged with double homicide.         O.J. pled innocent to murder chargers against him and went to trial in criminal court. …

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…presented much more effectively in the civil case, and it's expected the he will be found guilty. The "court of popular opinion" has already found O.J. guilty, and his days as a celebrity and corporate pitch man are over forever(Posner, 64). And if he is found guilty in his civil trials, shouldn't that logically mean that he is guilty of the murders, even though he was found "not guilty" on legal technicalities and incompetence.