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For this report I choose to do nursing, it falls in the category of Health Care. Nurses work in hospitals taking care of sick people, helping them get better. Some go to private residents help in doctor offices, dentist, schools, medical clinics, stores, factories, military, navy, and air force. Nurses are all over the country. Itís a great job to have if you like to move around, bacause anywhere you go in the world …

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…the same thing everyday, and being challenged. Nurse usally rank in the upper part of their graduating class. Nursing schools usually take people between the ages of 17 to 38, though that is changing. Nurses must have a bachlors degree, although some now a days have masters degrees which helps them with salary. Salary for nusring has a big range anywhere from 23 to 50+ thousand a year. Overall a great job, with many wonderful qualities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** none