Notes on Bach's life.

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Life of Johann Sebastian Bach "The aim and final reason of all music should be nothing else but the glory of God and the refreshment of the spirit" ***************************** ¡ÂƒnBach's Early period and the Weimar period ¡Â ¡ÂƒnHe lived from 1685-1750 ¡ÂƒnHe was an heir to the polyphonic art of the past ¡ÂƒnHe was born in Eisenach, Germany ¡Âƒnwas left an orphan at age 10, raised by his …

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…and dispatched the Musical Offspring to "a Monarch whose greatness and power, as in all the sciences of war and peace, so especially in music, everyone must admire and revere" Nƒnlabors of life time made Bach blind NƒnHowever, he finished his final task, the revising of 18 chorale preludes doe the organ the dying composer dictated to a son-in-law the last of these, Before Thy Throne, My God, I Stand.