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Nosferatu Nosferatu is a typical German movie, from the early 1920's, and it clearly reflects the society in which the movie was made. In many ways, the movie reflects the society. The Germany of 1920's, was a dismal, dark and insecure place to be in. The economy of the country was in ruins, with people using the Deutsche Mark as wallpaper, and having to take a barrel of money just to buy bread. The darkness …

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…the state of the country, and did not believe the future of the country would be anything bright. They believed that the 'brightness' of Germany had been taken away in the war, and the actress Greta Schroeder's death reflects the 'brightness' of Germany being taken away, as the only good person in the movie gets killed. Thus, the above examples reflect the way Nosferatu was a typically German movie, made in Germany in the 1920's.