"North Sydney, NS: A Primary Aspect Defining Our Livlihood"

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If residents dwelling within the town of North Sydney, Cape Breton, were asked to share their understanding of the towns historical past, chances are that many people's knowledge would be limited. A large number of people may not be aware of the rich history the town itself has, spanning over approximately 217 years. One aspect of the community, which most people would find impossible to overlook, is the town's port. It has been a vital asset …

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…of North Sydney commenced. Like any town, it had its high and low points but over time, managed to shake off the lows and continue to develop. Participating in both World Wars, North Sydney's history remains that of a colorful town, bent on improvement. Under the recent establishment of Marine Atlantic Inc., the port of North Sydney continues to be the primary gate of passage between Nova Scotia and the far easterly province of Newfoundland.