North Carolina Regulators

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North Carolina Regulators The North Carolina Regulators were a group of people who rebelled against corrupt government officials. The people experienced strong feelings of discontent with the way in which the provincial government’s officials were conducting the affairs. The government officials were running the colony both unfairly and unjustly. Many small groups of people formed. After the spring of 1768 when the small groups allied , they called themselves the Regulators. The Wealthy colonists considered these …

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…abused by the government officials in such away that it caused them to revolt. The Regulators were killed in battle, wounded, captured, and executed. Some were pardoned in exchange for pledging an oath of allegiance to the royal government. The War of Regulations was a foreplay to the American Revolution. The Regulators opposed Royal authority with confidence. It was a lesson of armed resistance, a lesson that would be used in the War for Independence.