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Nora Helmer is a delicate, pampered wife who was spoiled by her wealthy father and later by Torvald. As Ibsen alludes, Nora is the doll of this dollhouse, as her role is to bend into the shape of the ideal housewife. If it is dancing for her husband, completing the family shopping, or playing childish games to attract Helmer's attention, Nora will do what it takes to fit the roles. As readers, we soon read …

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…joyful and carefree. Helmer wants to live a life within a dollhouse, with a wife who is simple, childish and obedient. Ibsen, however, sets the animal comparisons to unveil an altogether different motive, animals that are deceitful and independent, animals that are able to survive without the help of others. Nora is independent of the roles Helmer imposes on her, as she revels her ability to deceive and comprehend her own demise in the end.