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On November 18th of 1918, Germany, a member of the Central Powers, surrendered unconditionally to the allies. World War I had ended with a total of 37 million casualties, including 9 million dead combatants. German propaganda had not prepared that nation for defeat, and its suddenness resulted in a sense of injured German national pride. Following the defeat of Germany in World War I and in the midst of a great worldwide depression, both the social and political …

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…instead of the specifics I was essentially looking for. Spievogel, Jackson, Hitler and Nazi Germany - Third Edition. Prentice Hall, Inc. Newark, NJ. 1988. I actually enjoyed this book, more then I expected to. It was more of a story then a history type book. It gave me good background information which I found useful. It also had some great pictures, which gave me a good sense of what was occuring at that time in Germany.