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Gretchen Boling Mrs. Wood A.P. Language & Composition 12 April 2000 Openings The tone of many novels is set within the first few lines or pages; the reader can also tell the author's style through diction detail, and syntax. Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice is a novel such as this- Austin's opening sentence sets the tome for the rest of the book preparing the reader for her satirical treatment of regency manners and morals, the novel will …

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…and she sets us there very well. "____," tells the reader about a normal way to act then. Jane Austin has a style like non-other, "___________," she expresses her felling in a way like nobody else. In her opening sentence one can just see she gets the point across yet it is in a way that makes the reader think. These three things are what make up Pride and Prejudice-ironically enough the first sentence reveals them all.