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“In the formative era of Chinese civilization as early as the first millennium b.c. the Chinese thought of the world as all the regions of the heavens, and within the “four seas.” They called it Tianxia, which literally means “under heaven.” Because this was a universal term, with an undertanding of the inhabited world known to the Chinese at the time, it implicitly meant “All Under Heaven.” Tianxia was first of the entire physical …

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…breathe, they make the clouds. When they inhale water, they cause whirlpools. When they are underground, they form hills by humping their back…They are the Eastern dragon. There is one creature though, the dragon, that fills every aspect of the Chinese way of life. Dragons occupy a very important position in the Chinese Mythology. Dragons are present in thee areas of Art, literature, poetry, architecture, song, history and religion. The list is almost endless.