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525,600. What is this number? No, itís not a statistic. 525,600 MinutesÖ How do you measure a year? How about love? That is the question addressed repeatedly in Jonathan Larsonís musical RENT. RENT is based on Pucciniís opera La Boheme, and has acquired almost a cult audience of Rentrats, Rentheads, Rentaholics, and other fanatics. As a member of this crowd, there is more Iíd like to say than I do have time for, …

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…he is with Collins, that Mimi is a dancer, or that a majority of the characters have AIDS. Everyone is treated as a human being. The only untolerated taboo is drug abuse, and even Mimi cleans up her act by the end of the show. RENT is about being young in New York, being brave and being scared. Being in love and being in trouble, viewing hopes for today and faith for tomorrow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**