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What a Wonderful World We Live In By technological standards, the Internet is still “new”; it has been a mere 30 years since it was first introduced in the form of a primitive network of four computers called ARPANET (1969). It wasn’t until 1982, with the creation of USENET, that the Internet (still not referred to as such) became even remotely known to the then elite computer-literate public, seven years more before the first commercial dial-up Internet …

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…Internet. Without it, our interpersonal relationships would be as tedious and physically exhausting as they were a scant decade ago. In time, the Internet may completely eliminate the need for us to ever open our mouths for any reason but to eat, to ever touch another person except in the direst of circumstances, or to ever leave the safety of our houses. It is truly a wonderful, wonderful world that we live in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**