Noh play Tsunemasa and Youchi Soga

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In the Noh play "Tsunemasa", the story was about the happening at the night of the salvation of Tsunemasa's soul. Tsunemasa, a certain prince of the House of Taira, who had died in the Battle of the Western. While Tsunemasa was still in the world, he really enjoyed playing his lute “the Green Hill”. Therefore, the priest Gyokei was bidden by his master to dedicate the lute to Buddha and to perform a liturgy of …

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…I think the main idea of the “Tsunemasa” is focus on the feeling of a warrior after life. Tsunemasa cherish the memory of his past but he is suffering the woes after he dead. However, “Youchi Soga” is more focus on the passion of a warrior while suffering the woe of losing a father and it also describes the loyalty of the warrior’s retainer. Therefore, there are not much similarities between these two plays.