No No Boy by John Okada

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HALF-LIFE The book was disturbing-not only because of a story that didn’t have many moments of levity, but also because it rambled on redundantly about how Ichiro was torn between America and Japan, right and wrong, up and down and whatever else he could conjure up to keep him from working. However the book does have valid points, useful content, and alluring ideas. The book “No-No Boy” is the FIRST fiction book EVER written …

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…hold America had on her children, but it was too late. The first thing I said to the class was “Ichiro’s a winer” and no one agreed with me. It was strange and almost gratifying to hear in the following days that same statement being repeated by others. Although the book was redundant, painfully redundant, there were the rare and extremely enjoyable moments, which vividly described life’s realism. Like being driven to drink.