Nintendo in Hungary

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Nintendo In Hungary Geographical Settings: Hungary is located in central Europe and it covers about 93,000 square kilometers. It is bounded to the north by Slovakia, to the east by Ukraine and Romania, to the south by Yugoslavia and Croatia, and to the west by Slovenia and Austria. Most of the eastern part of the country is flat, but the northwestern area has rolling hills and low mountains. Almost 55% of the land is suitable for cultivation, …

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…like Nintendo 64, Game Boy and Super NES. The Next Generation: As we head toward the new millennium, the development of Nintendo’s newest video game console is well underway. This Next Generation system will be second to none. Nintendo is teaming up with widely respected leaders to enhance the interactive entertainment experience. The industry’s foremost 3D designers from U.S. based ArtX will contribute the graphics chip. Engineers at IBM will deliver unparrallel, propriet