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Nike -Vs- Reebok Over the last decade, the running sneaker industry has become very profitable. The demand for a top quality running sneaker has grown in quite large numbers. Therefor leaving competitors in this industry with no choice, but to constantly improve their product. Within this literature, I wish to explain three of the major differences, between two of the best running sneakers on the market. Two running sneakers that have been noticed for their …

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…one piece of material sown on is less durable, it makes the sneaker more breathable, and lightweight. Bolth the Air Max "95", and the DMX Fusion Lite, have done an excellent job, meeting the demands of society , for a great running sneaker. Reebok, takes more of a lightweight, breathable approach, while Nike attempts to make their sneaker long lasting, and more durable. Either way, bolth of the sneakers provide excellent cushioning, and support, for professional athletes.