"Night" by Elie Weisel

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Religion 110-08 March 18, 1996 To suffer, as defined in the dictionary, means to undergo or feel pain or great distress. Another way to say it is to sustain injury, disadvantage, or loss. And yet another way to define suffering is to say to endure or be afflicted with something temporary or chronically. If they were to ask Elie Wiesel what his definition of suffering was, he would have a lot to say and what he told …

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…did take place. The only thought that I had at the completion of this book was, what about the other victims (non-jews). I guess because this was only one man's story and Jews were the only people he saw so that is what he wrote about. This book really makes you think about all the freedoms that I (WE) take for granted everyday. I have learned to view the Holocaust in an all new perspective.