Nietzsches Overman in The Will to Power

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The existential philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that humanity nedded to be overcome. He viewed humans as weak creatures and slaves to the Christian religion. In The Will to Power, Nietzsche asserts the poer of the overman-- a creature beyond Christian good and evil-- to replace the passive man. To understand the book, it is first necessary to understand what Nietzsche means by 'The Will to Power'. Denneson describes this as a 'psychological presupposition' which assumes "…

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…that this was not written directly by Nietzsche. It is a collection of notes and observations, which are not finished or refined (Cross, 1). Here, we are in danger of misinterpreting his message, and the best and most complete way to rectify this flaw is to read his other books, which do present a final and polished perspective, rather than the unfinished rough outline. Bibliography Denneson, "The Overman", pp. 1-16 Cross, "Will to Power" pp. 43-46