Newell Company: The Rubbermaid Opportunity

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Newell Company: The Rubbermaid Opportunity In October 1998, Newell Company was considering a merger with Rubbermaid Incorporated to form a new company, Newell Rubbermaid Incorporated. The agreement would be through a tax-free exchange of shares valued at $5.8 billion. Newell had revenues of $3.7 billion in 1998 across three major product groupings: Hardware and Home Furnishings, Office Products, and Housewares. Rubbermaid is a renowned manufacturer of a wide range of plastic products ranging from children's toys through housewares. Once …

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…Rubbermaid has very sour relationships with their clients and Newell will have an extremely difficult time fixing those relationships. If the two companies merge, only investors or individuals who follow business news will know that these two companies are one. The average customer will still know of Rubbermaid as Rubbermaid. I feel that Rubbermaid brings a lot of heavy baggage to the table and will hurt the smooth and exemplary business that Newell has attained.