Nesting Construction

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Did you ever wonder what some of our marine birds nests are made of?Well if you have here are some of details of the materials that goes into making the perfect living environment for the birds. Frigate birds:Their nests are usually made of sticks placed on rocks or low bushes.Frigate birds nests contains one to two eggs. Gulls:They build simple,shallow,grassed lined nests.They nest in colonies,usually with different …

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…formed on rocky ledges or on the water in reedy marshes. Penguins:Most penguins build a nest on the ground from pebbles,mud,and vegetation or any other material that may be available to them. Pelicans:The nest of a pelican is not that compilcated.It mainly consists of sticks and twigs. Albotross: As well as the pelican the albotross is not a complicated nest maker.Their nest consists of clay and grass. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**