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Gordimer (1923-) South African novelist and short-story writer, who received Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991. Gordimer's main themes are exile, loneliness and strong political opposition towards racial segregation. She was a founding member of Congress of South African Writers, and even at the height of the apartheid regime, she never considered leaving her country. Nadine Gordimer was born into a well-off family in Springs, Transvaal, an East Rand mining town outside Johannesburg. It was the …

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…LIKE, 1979  A SOLDIER'S EMBRANCE, 1980  TOWN AND COUNTRY LOVERS, 1980  JULY'S PEOPLE, 1981 - Palvelija ja herra  SOMETHING OUT THERE, 1984  LIFETIMES: UNDER APARTHEID, 1986  A SPORT OF NATURE, 1987 - Luonnonoikku  THE ESSENTIAL GESTURE, 1988  MY SON'S STORY, 1990 - Poikani tarina  CRIMES OF CONSCIENCE, 1991  JUMP, AND OTHER STORIES, 1991 - Hyppy ja muita novelleja  WHY HAVEN'T YOU WRITTEN? 1992  NONE TO ACCOMPANY ME, 1994 - Ei seuraa matkalleni  WRITING AND BEING, 1995  THE HOUSE GUN, 1998 Gordimerilta on suomennettu myös mm. novellivalikoima Perjantain jalanjälki.