National Patrimony

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The debate over the ideas of national patrimony, culture citizenship, and imagined community at Stanford University related to the production, rejection, and eventually rediscovery of the "giant letter" send from the Andes in many ways. First, Guaman Poma wrote the letter to speak of different ways to govern the people. Second, the chaotic world of the Incas had no system of writing. Third, the aristocratic regime did not give normal people a chance. Like poma, …

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…for this was because many of our neighbors believed they were better than we were. At that time, it was very difficult for us to understand why our neighbors were acting in such rude ways. Finally with trust and an open mind, we blended perfectly with them and became good friends. This experience helped me to understand Pratt's examples because I once went through dealing with the ignorance of others. <Tab/>