Nagotiations in the joint ventures.

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When human civilization was in the necessent stage, people were used to consume natural resources surrounding them. With demographic changes and development of human society, human need grown and to meet this growing need trade became a prominent mean. Initially, people used to do trading among groups and in unstructured ways. Later, with distinction among groups and geographical boundaries commercial procedures evolved to satisfy growing human need. The people associated with these, became business people …

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…and establishing fit with its external and internal environment. Reference: 1.Amacom - "Managing HR in small and mid sized companies" - American management Association - New York 1987 2.Hamis Philip R. - Moran Robert T. - "Managing cultural differences" - Gulf publishing company Houston - Texas,1991 3.Hirsch Georges, Swierzcek Fredric W. "Multicultural perspectives on European and Asian Management" - EAP 20th Anniversary. 4.Jenks V.O - " Human relations in organization" - Harper and Row, New York.