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NEW YORK - IBIZA IBIZA - WEST PALM BEACH This is a hypothetical voyage plan I had to do on my 1/C training cruise May through July 99. Waypoints and mercator sailings not included. While evaluating the best route for this voyage we had to consider a route that would allow the ship to sail easy with good weather and would save time as well. This is important since the ship would be doing weekly runs. …

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…of the vessel must be taken since there would be various numerous yachts and fishing vessels all about the vicinity of the port. The consumption of fuel oil, potable water, stores and other such provisions set the ship to new drafts, of which are attached with the sheets regarding the arrival of the ship at the Port of West Palm Beach, Fl. Bibliography Sailing Directions Sailing Directions (Enroute) U.S. Coast Pilots Pub. Light List