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NEIL SIMON: UTILIZING CHARACTER EXAGGERATION "Neil ("Doc") Simon stands alone as by far the most successful American playwright of this century and most probably in the history of the American theater" (Litz 573). He has entertained audiences for over thirty years with many Broadway productions, screenplays and television scripts. "He has been hailed as the most formidable comedy writer in American theater" (Geitner 253). Despite his great success, the majority of critics have refused to look past …

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…his plays, in the end of Come Blow Your Horn and Last of the Red Hot Lovers conflict is resolved and they end on a good note. “The purpose of a Neil Simon play and the reason most people see one of Simon’s works is for the laughter that invariably comes with the experience” (Patterson 2). Through Neil Simon’s efforts he is and will remain one of America’s most popular and prolific playwrights.