Mzarts Persptive of Women

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Mozart's Perspective of Women In Mozart's time (the late 1700s), women were viewed much differently than they are viewed today. Women were perceived as being inferior (intellectually and physically) to men. As we all know, the women were supposed to spend their time in the house cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the children. Although, we must take into account that this was mostly the biased perspective of the men of the time. As time …

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…der just how different Mozart's perspective of women was compared to that of the current time. If the two varied greatly, what kind of response did Mozart's numerous operas (especially the two in question: The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni) receive from the audience? Did they appreciate the unusual female perspective or did they frown upon it? Did they welcome the change as comedic or consider it appalling because it was different?