Mythology of Indian Dance

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Like many Indian arts, Indian dance also has its root in religion. Without the religious and cultural background of India, the growth and beauty of Indian dance is not possible. In ‘Natya Shastra’, there is a small story about the origin of Indian dance. According to Hindu mythology, dance first existed in heaven. There was always a constant conflict between the Asuras and the Devas for wealth and power. The Devas were tired of the …

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…art of dance came to be introduced to Natya and became an integral part of it. While Tandu was instructing Bharat in Shiva’s dance, the ‘Tandava’, Shiva’s consort Parvati, also instructed him in her style, “lasya’, Later Parvati taught her style to Usha. Usha instructed the women of Saurastra, and from there it gradually spread to the rest of the world. Even Tandu passed this revealed art on to mortals on the earth.