Mysteries of the World

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Mysteries of the World Mystery and the study of the unknown has always fascinated people. The search for truth in the "uncomprehensible" has led to many controversies. Some believe in the "supernatural", while others simply do not. Both types of people obviously have their own reasonings for believing or disbelieving in it. There are numerous world famous mysteries that are still controversial and remain "unsolved" to this day. Some of these mysteries include the Loch …

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…realize that they are only a few of the many world famous "unsolved" mysteries. From them however, we observe that it can be extremely difficult to ascertain the truth of unexplainable phenomena due to the many opposing opinions in this field. Will we ever come up with a definite conclusion or truth, when it comes to mysteries? The future remains to answer this question, and we humans remain intrigued, and confused about what to believe.