Morleys Callaghans Our Lady of the Snows

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An Essay ON Morley Callaghan's "Our Lady Of The Snows" The author 'Morley Callaghan' has written many stories and award winning novels through out his long career. Some pertain to true stories in which he has encountered through out his life. Others are straight fiction but involve a truth that deal with real-life situations and themes.(Canadian Encyclopedia: edi,1) In the novel "Our Lady Of The Snows", a real-life situation has taken effect where a …

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…driving force of the novel many try to aquire it by any means possible. Money also plays an important role in the novel for without it power can never be attained. Despite these two prominent themes, compassion shows that material things do not rule the world and without emotions life would not be forfilling. This Morley Callaghan novel is a true reflection of the hardships in life and portrays three themes that is encountered everyday.