Monkey trial.

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The Scopes trial The 1920's proved to be great and sorrowful times for millions of people. These people had many great ideas which would improve mankind and still some others had ideas which were based upon ignorance and illogical morals. Some people were reluctant to accept the new age, as they did not want to except theories of evolution, progression, or bettering oneself. Even though they favored industrialization they fretted leaving the old ways behind. …

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…days no such laws exist, still some radicals in the deep South disagree with evolution. John Scopes was considered to be the center of attention instead of actually defending himself. After the trial he moved to Chicago where he went back to school and received his degree in geology. After receiving his degree he worked for oil companies in Venezuela and Louisiana. John Scopes died in 1970 never abusing the attention he received from the trial.