"Money, or the lack of it, was the only cause of the French Revolution." How accurate is that Statement?

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Money or the lack of it was not the only cause of the French Revolution. It was one of the causes that eventually lead to the Revolution. One cause that led to the revolution was the peasants. They were getting tired of being heavily taxed by the monarch and the nobility and also the church. Taxation was too chaotic and complicated especially when goods traveled to other regions of France. The main burdens of the …

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…of liberation from the tyranny of aristocracy, from the Church and the restrictions of the feudal system. People began to believe in these ideas. Another cause was that the Etats-Generaux (States-general), the assembly of the 3 estates did nothing. They were supposed to represent the whole realm but this only existed as a memory since the last time they were called upon was in 1614. All these causes eventually led to what we call the French revolution.