Mohawks People of the place of flint

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The People Of The Place Of Flint The history of the Mohawks in the northeastern part of the United States has been traced back more than 3,000 years. Their ancient ancestors were hunters and gatherers who moved often in order to follow their animal prey. They probably migrated to northeastern New York between 1700 B.C. and 1200 B.C Around 1000 B.C. they began developing a central base area where they lived between hunting and fishing trips, …

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…and they were also in charge of the distribution of food, when a man and a woman married, food was exchanged between their families as a symbol of the mutual cooperation that a married couple and the entire community needed in order to prosper. Each person in the community was clan. Mohawk clans were named after animals the Bear, the Wolf, and the Turtle. Two people of the same clan could not marry each other.