Modernization Theory of Ecuador

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The term traditional refers to backward-looking and undynamic society. Some factors that contributed to the traditional society are mainly dominated by religious authority. it has a few controls on arbitrary political authority. The public education system is tuition-free, and attendance is mandatory from ages 6 to 14. In practice, however, many children drop out before age 15, and, in rural areas only about one-third complete sixth grade. The government is striving to create better programs for the rural …

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…the government faced a chronic economic crisis, including inflation, budget deficits, a falling currency, mounting debt service, and uncompetitive industries. Modern societies were once traditional, but once ‘”modernized” through a complex process of development including secularization, rise of science and technology, and reward systems based on merit create incentives for innovation & efficiency. Limited government & rule of law. Private property and capitalism.. extensive division of labor. Europe and North America. In this 3rd world societies, Ecuador