Modern Crucible

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“Shake Down” The police station, like an enraged mob, became chaotic as news of the robbery blasted the offices of every lieutenant and captain in Metropolis. Details of the crime still shuffle from detective to detective as rumors separated from the facts. The known facts showed that a professional, a very skilled thief, managed to penetrate the Tractford Mint’s security system of lasers, motion detectors and cameras and steal 10 million dollars of unmarked currency. …

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…life was over. From that day on, he might as well be dead. Conner appealed his conviction several times but with no change in the outcome. His case was too publicized for his sentence to be reduced. Everyday in confinement was a day in hell. Terrance was draw into so much depression that he wouldn’t eat. On April 20th, 1999, his body was found swinging by his sheets from the ceiling of his jail cell.