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Sheena Tolson October 4, 2000 Adv Comp Period 3 “Misery” Anton Chekhov’s character Iona Potapov, in “Misery”, is having difficulty coping with his loneliness. Through Iona’s desolation, he is unable to express his grief, due to the death of his son, which continues to contribute to his misery. Chekhov emphasizes this quality through Iona’s interactions with the officer, the three men, and his mare. In the beginning of the story, Iona escorts the officer, who …

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…on his hands, like a faithful companion, and Iona tells her all about it. Thus Iona is a character whose loneliness keeps him from expressing his heartache until he resorts to speaking to his faithful horse. It is this loneliness which causes his misery. He may not be able to get the company he longed for by others, but in the end he is able to complete his goal: to share his grief. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**