Michelangelo's Dying Slave

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Michelangelo Buonnarotiís Dying Slave The Dying Slave, a marble sculpture by Michelangelo Buonnaroti, now resides at the Louvre in Paris. Dying Slave was intended to be a part of Pope Julius IIís tomb. Michelangelo started on the Dying Slave in 1505 and ended in 1513, at the Popeís death when economic factors changed plans for the tomb. Because of his great intelligence, Michelangelo is probably the most famous of all sculptors, and his two …

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…Slave on Pope Julius IIís tomb represents that the distance between the monkey and the slave is equal to the distance between the slave and the gods. Michelangelo wished to express, by use of the Dying Slave the insuperable distance that serves as a barrier between man chained within his skeleton and divine beings. The Dying Slave represents the soulís struggle to leave the body, which acts as a cage for the soul.