Michel Foucault's claim that "Western man has become a confessing animal".

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The History of Sexuality by Michel Foucault, is meant to be a critique of our social period, in particular, the belief that sex, especially discourses about sex, have been 'repressed'. Instead, Foucault suggests that sex was never actually 'repressed', and that's just what the Repressive Hypothesis wants us to think. His description of a discourse, is associated inexplicably to power, knowledge, and pleasure. Scientia sexualis, is the term Foucault uses to describe the tendency of …

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…and therefore hold power over them. It's obvious that western man has indeed become a confessing animal, even just based on my minute examples of 'Reality TV', that I previously stated. If it's not the actual confessing of our own sexual actions we crave, it's hearing the intimate details of someone else's sexual life. Either way, our society will not be able to decipher the truth about sex, unless confessions of all kinds are abolished.